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City of Canby Summary of Land Use Building Process For Commercial/Industrial Buildings

1. Getting started: Please contact the Economic Development Director and City Planning Director early in your search. We can advise and guide you on available sites and buildings, infrastructure, resources, and next steps. We will provide you with more specific information after we’ve learned more details. For instance, you may need to hold a neighborhood meeting and attach a meeting summary with your application. Also, permit costs and approval times could be reduced by 30+ days if your project is in the Canby Pioneer Industrial Park or Downtown, and it can meet all code review standards and criteria for the Type II process.

2. Zoning: Industrial and Commercial buildings need to fit in the correct zoning. Here is a link to the Zoning Map. For more details on zoning requirements see:
• Industrial: There are two categories: Light Industrial and Heavy Industrial. In the Canby Pioneer Industrial Park the Industrial Overlay.
• Commercial (Retail and Office) there are four categories: Downtown Commercial (see the Downtown Canby Overlay Zone); Highway CommercialConvenience Commercial, and Commercial/Manufacturing.



3. Pre-application Conference: We strongly recommend you take advantage of our pre-application meeting. Here you can talk to all of Canby’s utility and service providers and get the information you need to draw up your site and utility plans. Before the meeting we’ll need to know where you’re locating, review a preliminary concept drawing of your proposal, understand how your site will be laid out, and what your utility and service needs will be. We can almost always hold this meeting in two weeks after you file the application.

4. Site and Design Review application: Most new commercial or industrial building of any size (except accessory structures and Type II applications) requires a public hearing and approval from the Planning Commission. This process is called the Site and Design Review. The application contains the information you’ll need. The timeline on the Site and Design Review depends on how many other applications have been filed, but generally your hearing will be at least five weeks after your application is filed. If the Commission issues an oral decision for approval at the hearing, it will still take about a month more to adopt a written decision and to wait for the appeal period to end. At the end of the appeal period, the City will issue you an approval letter which you can take to Clackamas County to obtain a building permit.

5. Pre-construction Conference: Prior to construction, you will need all of the utility and service providers to sign off on your site and construction plans. Planning staff will help you identify the agencies that will be involved in your project. For small projects, we encourage you to work directly with them throughout the process to make sure your plans are acceptable. For large projects we strongly encourage you to schedule a pre-construction meeting to have your complete plan reviewed, stamped and approved. This meeting can be held any time after your plan is approved.

6. City Approval/Clackamas County Building permits: You may submit your building permit application to Clackamas County at any time following the Planning Commission’s initial approval of your project. However, your building permit will not be issued until the City has given you an approval letter and all City fees are paid. A copy of the City’s approval letter and an approved site plan must be taken to Clackamas County for release of the building permit.

7. Business license: You’re almost there! You’ll need a business license to operate your business in Canby. The Business License application package is available at City Hall or at The application needs to be signed by the Planning Department, Building Department, Police Department, and the Fire Department. Your building must pass its final inspection before a Business License is issued.

Project Planner

The following is a list of the most common steps required to construct a new building in Canby. Details and timelines may vary depending on your specific project.




About 12 to 14 days before pre-application meeting. Submit pre-application materials to City Planning Department.
Prior to submitting land use application. Attend pre-application meeting.
Typically, at least 5 to 8 weeks before Planning Commission hearing date Submit Site and Design Review application.
Prior to submitting a site and design review application. Send out notice for neighborhood meeting.
Prior to submitting a site and design review application. Hold neighborhood meeting & submit meeting minutes to City.
Minimum 10 days before PC hearing date. Post Public Notice sign on property. (City will provide notice.)
Planning Commission hearings are held the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month. Attend Design Review hearing at Planning Commission.
After all providers have signed off on utility plans. Submit pre-construction plans & hold meeting.
After initial decision from Planning Commission. Submit building permit application to Clackamas County and Erosion Control application to City.
Any time Submit plumbing, electrical, and fire/life safety permit applications to Clackamas County.
Any time Obtain Storm Water permit from DEQ, if needed.
Any time Submit Wastewater survey form
Next PC meeting after hearing date. (2nd or 4th Monday of month) Written decision signed by Planning Commission
10 days after written decision signed. Land use appeal period ends.
Building permit cannot be issued until land use appeal period has ended. Obtain Planning approval letter from City and take to Clackamas County to obtain building permit, begin construction.
A Business License cannot be issued until a final building inspection is approved by Clackamas County. Obtain City Business License prior to opening business. Contact City Hall (503 266-0601 – Fee $50.

Contact Information for Constructing a New Building in Canby

City of Canby Planning Department

The Canby Planning Department handles land use applications, development services and property related issues.

Hours: Mon–Fri 8am-5pm
222 NE 2nd Ave, 2nd Floor
PO Box 930
Canby OR 97013
Phone: 503-266-7001

Application Forms, Planning & Zoning Codes and Contact Information online at:
Development Services

City of Canby Economic Development

Programs and resources to help Businesses and encourage commercial and industrial development.

Hours: Mon–Fri 8am-5pm
222 NE 2nd Ave, 2nd Floor
PO Box 930 Canby OR 97013
Phone: 503-266-0701

Canby – City Hall

(Business licenses)
Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-5pm
222 NE 2nd Ave
PO Box 930
Canby OR 97013
Phone: 503-266-4021
Fax: 503-266-7961

City of Canby Public Works

(Sanitary and storm sewer, streets, erosion control)
Hours: Mon-Fri 7:30 am-4:30 pm
1470 NE Territorial Road
Canby OR 97013
Phone: 503-266-0798
Fax: 503-266-7238
Online: Public Works

Canby Fire District

Hours: Mon–Fri 8am-5pm
221 S Pine St
Canby OR 97013
Phone: 503-266-5851
Fax: 503-266-1320

Clackamas County – Permits

(Building, plumbing, electrical, fire & life, safety review)
Lobby: 9 am-4pm Mon-Thurs
Office: 7am-6pm Mon-Thurs
Building Codes Permits Specialist
Phone: 503-742-4240
Fax: 503-742-4741
Inspection Request Line

The County has on-line permitting and forms:

Oregon Department of Transportation

123 NW Flanders
Portland OR 97209
Phone: 503-731-8200
(OR 99E issues)

Department of Environmental Quality

(Air and Water)
811 SW 6th Avenue
Portland OR 97204
Phone: 503-229-5945
Fax: 503-229-5DEQ

Air and Water

General DEQ Information:


1480 NE Territorial Road
PO Box 930
Canby OR 97013
Phone: 503-266-1248
Online: Wastewater

Street Maintenance

1470 NE Territorial Road
PO Box 930
Canby OR 97013
Phone: 503-266-0759
Online: Streets

NW Natural Gas

(Natural gas service)
220 NW 2nd Avenue
Portland OR 97209
Phone: 503-721-2512

WAVE Broadband

353 NW 2nd St
Canby, OR 97013
Mon-Fri 8am-5pm
(Closed 12:45 to 2:00 pm daily)
Phone: 866-928-3123

Canby Area Chamber of Commerce

(Business networking and development)

191 SE 2nd Avenue
Canby OR 97013
Phone: 503-266-4600
Fax: 503-266-4338

Canby Utility

(Water and electric department)
Hours: Mon–Friday 7:30am-4:30pm
1470 NE Territorial Road
Canby OR 97013
Phone: 503-266-1156
Fax: 503-263-8621
Online: Canby Utility


(Telephone and Broadband)

Canby DirectLink offers a variety of product options to meet the needs of Canby businesses.
190 SE 2nd Avenue
Canby OR 97013
Phone: 503-266-8111
Online: DirectLink