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The Strategic Investment Zone program offers 15-year property tax abatement for manufacturers making significant investments over $25 million.

The new Vertical Housing Tax Credit offers up to 80% reduction in property taxes for 10 years for mixed use development in downtown Canby. Upper story residential floors are eligible. Staff will work with developers to access the program.

The Façade Improvement Program provides up to $25,000 matching grants for commercial building beautification efforts.

Other Cost and Time Saving Resources

Permitting Process

City staff works in partnership with developers and businesses to expedient the permitting process and access investment incentives. Canby’s Urban Renewal District, in partnership with property owners, has funded an extensive road and infrastructure network in the 360-acre Pioneer Industrial Park, reducing development costs for future businesses.

Development Ready
Many of the sites in the Canby Pioneer Industrial Park are Certified shovel ready sites, ready for development in 180 days. See sites and certified sites program.

The State of Oregon provides additional incentives for private investment, workforce development, and job creation.

Industrial park managers and employees find living and working in Canby brings all the amenities of a big city, with the friendly, close-knit sense of community of a smaller town. We’d love to talk with you about incentives for your business!

Jamie Stickel, Economic Development Director
Phone: 503-266-0701