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The Canby community has a strong local workforce of 5,500 with strong skills in manufacturing, retrial trade, and wholesale trade. The workforce is well educated: Almost 27% have a bachelor’s degree or higher with another 36% with some college or an associate’s degree. Average payroll is around $40,000 with manufacturing wages averaging $52,500. Nearby community college and advanced degree programs that provide skilled and educated future employees. Below are resources to explore:

Oregon Tech

Oregon Tech

Just 8 miles from Canby provides bachelors and master’s degree programs focused on manufacturing located in Wilsonville:

Basic information
Manufacturing related education
Ways to connect with students as future employees

Clackamas Community College

Clackamas Community College
About 10 miles from Canby; provides a vast array of career and technical training:

Career & Technical Training
Customized Training at Affordable Rates and Flexible times at your facility

Canby High School Career and Technical Education


Canby High School Career and Technical Education

See the overview of their career and job related services at: Career Center 

Canby High School has a long standing and successful Career and technical education program in place that builds skills for future careers in business, Agriculture, Early Childhood Education, Construction, Manufacturing, Technical Design and Graphics. See classes offered for each program here.

Workforce Education Photo

Workforce training resources and places to recruit talented future employees:

•See Worksource Clackamas 
Try the Clackamas Workforce Partnership