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Canby Development Opportunities Atlas

The Canby Development Opportunities Atlas provides a wide range of useful maps all in one place. This graphic level of information can be very helpful in finding the right location for a new development or business. The atlas provides highlights such as locator maps, aerials, visitor attractions, zoning, industrial areas, historic sites and more.

See Entire Atlas: PDF Document (11 MB) Atlas Cover Image

Overview Maps:

Canby Locator Maps: three maps that place Canby in the context of nearby Communities, State, and Region
City of Canby Overview
Aerial featuring major employers and public facilities
Major Employers
Visitor Attractions and Overview
Canby Urban Renewal District Area
Government Owned Property
Vacant Properties
• Wetlands and Riparian Areas

Land Use Maps:
Comprehensive Plan
Tax Lots and Zoning – City Wide
Downtown Vicinity Tax Lots and Zoning
Canby Pioneer Industrial Park Tax Lots and Zoning

Downtown Maps:
Downtown Businesses
Historic Sites
Property Ownership

Canby Pioneer Industrial Park:
Canby Industrial Park Estimated Site Development Costs to meet City and County Requirements
Utilities – Combined

º Power
º Water
º Sewer
º Natural Gas
º Telecom & Broadband